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  • Laryea was well known for his avuncular charm. He took delight in our calling him Uncle as much as we relished the treats he got us from his trips to the city.

    The first time I felt Uncle Laryea’s hands on my […]

  • The day after she was admitted at the psychiatric hospital, the psychiatrist found her rocking in a chair by the window.

    “The townspeople call me a witch. They say I killed my daughter because I couldn’t stand […]

  • “Negative, no sign of the target,” the first spy radios.

    “I spy the target. Target is asleep. I repeat, target is asleep,” the second spy announces.

    “All clear. No sign of movement,” another spy confirms. […]

  • Afua, frightened yet determined to fulfil her desire, sits cross-legged facing the fetish priest.

    The priest casts the cowry lots, chants indistinctly and quizzes, “You wan yua man to sati you alon, no bi […]

  • The din from the chop bar ushered us in. A momentary gape accompanied the sway of our hips.

    We settled and called a waiter to our corner. Knowing how expensive food at that eatery costs, the four of us devised […]

  • “A recent study has shown that women’s breasts should be sucked often to prevent breast cancer,” Kodwo read out the WhatsApp post and showed me pictures of bald women. He added that loss of hair was a symptom of […]

  • Everyone considered his son odd. Thus, once the herbalist on the bus from Suhum to Nkawkaw professed his medicine corrects oddity in children, Agya Koo bought two bottles.

    Perhaps two tablespoonfuls of the […]

  • “Excuse me. I can help. Make way,” I announced as I pushed to where the fellow lay.

    “Move back; the lad needs fresh air,” I ordered the crowd.

    “Can you talk?” I asked him. He nodded.

    “Good. Can you […]

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    She continued the rest of the journey on foot. The path leading to the village was covered in puddles, so she trod cautiously. The slit at the back of her skirt ripped when she stretched her legs to avoid stepping […]

  • He was jolted out of sleep by the shouts: ‚ÄúThieves! Ewi oo!” He rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a pestle. Ready to face the thieves. He was sure the thieves were no other than those squatters who live few m […]

  • The entire community came out to witness the carnival. The acrobats displayed impressive stunts while the masqueraders on stilts juggled oranges as they strode. Their sense of balance was superb. The cheers grew […]

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  • The young woman managed to walk briskly even with her child strapped to her back and her black handbag hanging on one shoulder. She held her mobile phone firmly in one hand. Her short, black skirt revealed her […]

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  • When the driver made a brief stop, I took a quick selfie of me in my crisp cream dress. It had been dusty lately due to the harmattan, so I hardly wore whitish clothes to work. Thankfully, God sent forth rain the […]

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