Anike Ade

  • We all suffer from the Adam and Eve syndrome, you know?

    Time without number, we succumb to a tempting bite of the proverbial apple; and throw caution to the wind for the irresistible euphoria of sin.

    But I’m […]

  • Sunlight streams in through bloody white blinds, over a man on a matching bed whose head is a punctured can of tomato soup.

    It rests on hands shoving bundles of crisp naira notes into a black duffel bag […]

  • My yellow Peugeot 205 rattles along a Lagos road as I head home after another disappointing day at my hair salon.

    I check my rear-view mirror and look away from the swollen evidence of what happens when I […]

  • I am with child: a beating art that makes my heart skip a beat whenever I think of him. Him. It must be a male.

    I already ate every vegetable the Umuada offered me; already carried a calabash down the Odu […]

  • Once upon a time, in the animal kingdom, the tortoise and the hare began a race down traveller’s track. The hare reached the finish line quicker than a duck could quack.

    The hare stood outside the finish l […]

  • Eleanor is visiting Lagos from Manhattan. She’s in my kitchen: her blonde hair waving and her straight nose frowning at the pepper paste frying in diced onions and vegetable oil.

    “Amoke, where’s your c […]

  • I once had a home; a life; a dream that I, Fateema, will become a nurse in Chibok.

    My best friend, Hadiza, would be a lawyer. Kai, that girl could argue for Africa.

    Her brother, Yusufu, the light of my life […]

  • Beneath a starry night’s full moon and an Agbalumo tree, the children of Aralewa village huddle round the speaking Mama Agba.

    “In life you will meet many camouflaged creatures like snakes. My children, which i […]

  • The self-proclaimed state supervisors have seized a man who has stolen seven mangoes.
    People forgather—shaking their heads, cheering and passively observing—as the pleading pauper is pulled away and pommeled wit […]

  • I fell in love with Ṣàngórantì at the edge of twenty: when a snake made me drop my pregnant calabash and flee towards a farm.
    Out came rushing a glistening, ebony farmer whose cutlass slayed my attacker with the […]

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  • Anike Ade became a registered member 8 months, 2 weeks ago