October Shortlist

JailorOctober Shortlist

Explain to God

Boma flung open the door to her one room apartment. There on the bed was her beloved Jide, kneeling between the thighs of another woman, gloriously unclad. Boma inhaled hard, trying to contain the pool of tears that had escaped…
Andrés C. Digno
October 30, 2019
JailorOctober Shortlist


Akambi was handsome, “6ft 7”, with ABS and a complexion that made women envious. I was short, fat, with a “dirty black” complexion. He asked me to marry him and I thought it was a dream. A month later, my…
Nnakife Somtochukwu
October 29, 2019
JailorOctober Shortlist


Filthy. The only way to describe the stench. It is a filthy smell. Not many of them are left. Twenty in a four-man cell. Not many should be left. I offered the captured loiterers the chance to call again. Do…
Kunmi Olamiju
October 25, 2019
JailorOctober Shortlist

Water colours

Her bed grew moist and sticky, like mud. She laid supine, unmoving, basking in the stench of blood. The colours on her walls soon seemed as faded as water-colours, and the air, as thin as floating threads. She heard her…
October 18, 2019
JailorOctober Shortlist


It was a surprise, no, SHOCK! I always feared that this would happen, but I never figured when. I was in the kitchen, slicing oranges for my pregnant self when he entered, drunk. "Food will soon be ready" I should…
Oluwatimilehin Atere
October 14, 2019
JailorOctober Shortlist


You woke up to the sound of silence.They say you've completed your sentence. You laughed and asked them to take you back inside. When they open up the gate, you pull the first gun your eyes meet and shoot at…
Enobong Etuk
October 13, 2019

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