March Contest Shortlist

March ContestMarch Contest Shortlist

Jungle Justices

The self-proclaimed state supervisors have seized a man who has stolen seven mangoes. People forgather—shaking their heads, cheering and passively observing—as the pleading pauper is pulled away and pommeled with blinding and deafening blows. Two policemen walk by while the…
Anike Ade
March 24, 2019
March ContestMarch Contest Shortlist


I fell in love with Ṣàngórantì at the edge of twenty: when a snake made me drop my pregnant calabash and flee towards a farm. Out came rushing a glistening, ebony farmer whose cutlass slayed my attacker with the agility…
Anike Ade
March 24, 2019
March ContestMarch Contest Shortlist

Otunwa nwoke

This evening, three able-bodied men removed Dozie's hanging corpse from the barren mango tree in our backyard. Such corpses end up being thrown into the evil forest. I sit across from Mama watching her bawl her eyes out while Papa…
Akin Onadeko
March 24, 2019
March ContestMarch Contest Shortlist

The Battle.

Bones cracked. The punches were loud. Cheers got louder. Mama came for me. The time had come. The jewellery a bit too heavy for my liking jingling loudly as I walked graciously to Baba. He shook a man's hand, who…
March 21, 2019

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