February Contest Shortlist

February ContestFebruary Contest Shortlist


Baba Adura's around again. I’m not sure which of the seventeen children, Iya Ibeji the third wife plans to deliver this time. It’s the fourth time this week, its only Tuesday. It’s Aderonke, the second wife’s daughter. I watch completely…
Deborah Agboola
March 5, 2019
February ContestFebruary Contest Shortlist


When he slides down the middle of her thighs; relief overwhelms her as she catches him so that he doesn’t hit the bare floor. Although he is limp, cold and lifeless she cradles him as though he were a live…
Yemi O
March 4, 2019
February ContestFebruary Contest Shortlist


I danced every night. A hundred punches to the pillows, countless tosses and turns: face up, foetal position, on my tummy, spread-eagle… no sleep. Music on. Off. Chimes, calming sounds. Warm milk, camomile tea, a stiffer drink. Three hundred thread…
February 19, 2019
February ContestFebruary Contest Shortlist


Amani scrubbed her skin harder that evening despite knowing it wouldn't make her lighter. She was attending culture festival and would finally have a chance to talk to Otis .She liked him. Zumi picked her up at 7pm as planned.…
February 19, 2019
February ContestFebruary Contest Shortlist


Big Man’s watch went missing; it happened in room nine-fourteen. Small woman was never formally schooled in numbers, but she knew each threadcount at Hotel Douala intimately. At sixteen, a signpost read "domestic ladies only need apply"; papa bartered domestic…
Sarah Juma
February 16, 2019

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