April Contest Shortlist

April ContestApril Contest Shortlist


Only a few weeks in the hospital and I’d already forgotten the expansive house in front of us was home. High ceilings, unfilled space. I clutched my new born, pressed him close to my chest. The reason the stranger beside…
Tesi Uwibambe
April 20, 2019
April ContestApril Contest Shortlist


Umwiza skidded on the ramp leading down from the mess hall. She almost landed on mud that spooled like a painting she had seen once before; beyond the fence she had come to know so well. Babz caught the bottom…
Tesi Uwibambe
April 19, 2019
April ContestApril Contest Shortlist


Bima is about to die: if she fires that handgun in her mouth, her brains will splatter on the walls and she will never see the boy who'd one day marry her; she'll never hear her first child's cries; she'll…
Abasima Essien
April 13, 2019
April ContestApril Contest Shortlist


The moon sets upon the 4.30 am cold waters of the Nzoia. The freezing waters splash upon our 'manhood' stiffening it numb. The sun dawns, with the darkness goes our foreskin and the light, a commencement of Luhya manhood. Mudded…
Oloo Sebo
April 4, 2019

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