Road Without End


You are dying and you know it. Meg was full of smiles and love, yet the autopsy revealed her sad heart. You've stopped the suicidal attempts, but tonight, just like every other night, you'll be killed again as you read,…
Ayomide Ruth O.
February 26, 2020
Road Without End

The mystery

Completing high school was a greatest achievement for me, especially for my mum. Just 3month away I gained admission to study mechanical Engineering,. In a short while, I started mingling with friends, and was exposed to another kind of life…
Ojelola Kayode s
February 24, 2020
Road Without End

Road Without an End

She struggled to catch her breath as she blinked back tears that threatened to spew out if she gave it free rein. Adaku felt so small. How was it that she missed all the signs and signals at every turn?…
February 24, 2020
Road Without End


Fifi and I froze midarguement as a number of SWAT officers ran in. The one in front scanned the lobby before settling on me. “You're under arrest. We had a tip that someone would attempt to blow up Hotel Binou…
February 23, 2020
Road Without End

Not through my mother's tunnel

“Give me the remote.” “No, I won’t.” “I’m your brother and I’m asking you to give me the remote.” “I’m your sister and I’m telling you no.” “Didn’t mummy and daddy instruct you to do anything I tell you?” “Mummy…
Victor Emmanuel
February 22, 2020
Road Without End

Mama's Hands

Ka! Ka! Ka!, That and other clattering noises came from the kitchen as Mama carried out her task. I could see her from the sitting room as I languidly leaned against the armrest of the couch. Outside in the front…
Mercy Godwin
February 21, 2020
Road Without End


Tony!, where are you going Mummy I'm going to tade's place To do what?, I've warned you about going there Mummy please, I'm coming now No!, go back inside Mummy!, why?, it's not fair Tony, don't you know tade does…
Dave otitoloju
February 21, 2020
Road Without End

Loose Break

We were just at the edge, his eyes were busy ravaging my soul. I could hear his anticipating breath. "I'm scared, because it feels like we will never get there". He answered, "when you make your fear your friend, then…
uzoma egwu
February 16, 2020
Road Without End

Depths of Despair.

Heart racing, mind drawing a blank. A thin sheen of sweat breaks out on my ashen face. Words get stuck in my mouth, I can't seem to control my being. Tears cascade down my face in rivulets, not letting on,…
Salma Hamza
February 12, 2020
Road Without End

Monkey Anus

Fair as the moon, bright as the northern sun she rushed in whispering something i guess was "Thank God, a lady" under her heavy breath. Looking up to the sight of this beautiful, classy woman, I made to say "how…
Nkre Njama
February 11, 2020
Road Without End

Double Wahala

I used to enjoy road trips, until one faithful Friday. I was sleeping in the back seat of a luxurious bus heading to Abuja, when suddenly; I was jerked back to consciousness as a trailer side slammed the rear end…
Ezetu Doubra
February 10, 2020
Road Without End

Hamster Wheel

It never ends, does it? The days simply keep coming, and with them, more pain; more misery. I drag myself out of bed every morning; only to spend countless hours standing in buses full of people just as frustrated as…
Percy Ekanem
February 10, 2020
Road Without End


"Irekanmi, you no go fit kill me!", a heavy slap landed on my face, as the test results were handed over. My mother broke down in tears. My vision was blurry, but vivid enough, taking me back to that night.…
February 10, 2020
Road Without End

Till Death Do Us Part.

Another morning, another new bruise. Another morning spent crying, covering up the marks and fixing a smile, I’ve forgotten what a real one looks like. The endless cycle continues. I can’t remember not looking like this. “Happy four years anniversary”…
February 8, 2020
Road Without End


a continent of Black, some shades darker than others. Black a colour used to signify evil. Black is beautiful. Black is serene. Black is making waves around the world. Black is wild and can't be tamed Black is not perfect.…
Abdulkareem Habib
February 8, 2020
Road Without End

How much is enough?

Before the tears that now waters the Earth, was a man whose Agbada never touched the sand. He was ambitious and popular. Chairmo! As his co-workers called him from both sides of the office that became his residential address after…
Okochikwu Innocent
February 6, 2020
Road Without End

Ilerioluwa- Promise

Ilerioluwa, My love, I had to do it. I couldn't keep us. I know now, that having you as mine was a mistake. You told me of the intimacy you craved and though, distance didn't allow it, I wanted to…
Omoyemi Egenti
February 5, 2020

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